Relationship Based Dog Training

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We consistently and continually strive to enhance the quality of canine and human lives by enhancing the relational bond between humans and their dogs, promoting mental, emotional, and physical well-being, and celebrating all things dog.

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We love dogs. Our passion for dogs guides what we do and drives us to help people build the best possible relationships with their canine companions!
Our Services

Obedience Training

When asked about their training goals, most clients simply answer, “I just want a well-behaved dog!” Our relationship-based training style lays a foundation of impulse control and good manners based on trust and communication. We want our dogs to WANT to listen to us and make good choices that get rewarded!

Enrichment Training

Beyond “listening to commands,” we want to give our dogs a life that is happy and fulfilling! Our dogs need mental stimulation and a healthy release for their energy! Enrichment training goes beyond “obedience” and teaches our dogs to use their brains, focus their energy, work with us to achieve goals, and have fun!

Workshops & Classes

Our workshops and classes are designed to educate and empower dog owners. Some of these classes include our pups, some are just for humans to gain helpful knowledge, and some are online so that you can access them when you need them! We cover topics such as Canine Body Language, Puppy Basics, Potty Training, and even Beginner Obedience!


Underbite is a place where we can explore all things dog. We discuss everything from specific dog training methodologies and equipment to highlighting success stories and talk about how dogs impact every aspect of our lives. 

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